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What they say about Dr. Vicki

Dr. Vicki is the best story-teller I know. Her heart-warming, entertaining and sometimes shocking personal stories sound an important wake up call to anyone who values their health and happiness. If you're looking for a vibrant, whole hearted and a well-lived life take her advice.

Susan Harrow, CEO of prsecrets.com and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Dr. Vicki Rackner's life is one of caring, offering a helping hand to those bouncing back from adversity and stepping into whatever role is necessary to impact the lives of others. Her experiences as a surgeon, wife and mother, speaker, author and care giver are powerful. She is a person of integrity who walks her talk and offers solutions in times of stress and life imbalance.

Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, www.HowardPutnam.com

Dr. Vicki was an energetic, informative speaker. Her advice was on-target for singles - and anyone - who has ever lacked the courage to disclose their sex-related and other "private" symptoms to a physician. Vicki tells it like it is! She is a Go-To resource for medical topics.

Bonnie D. Graham, www.BonnieTV.com

Having Dr. Vicki Rackner speak was just what the doctor ordered. Our program is geared toward men. And men are some of the worst about going to the doctor even when something serious may be wrong with them. I'm guilty of it myself. Or at least, I was guilty of it. Dr. Vicki's accounts of patient ER stories convinced me to get myself checked out...early! Thanks Dr. Vicki!

Bruce Martin

I'm still getting calls thanking me for having you. I serve an older demographic and these folks don't always get the medical help that they need. Your talk has helped them tremendously.

Jim Kerschner

Vicki Rackner MD presents her information in an entertaining and easily understood way. She gets the facts out there, so we are all well armed with the information we need in order to access services, both as patients and caregivers. Dr. Rackner is a dynamic speaker who quite simply "offers the bridge between the health care patients get and the health care they want".

Kathryn Zox

Dr. Rackner is one of a kind! Her first and foremost interest is that of her patients and she creates an environment of trust, truth and acceptance. As an RN I knew immediately the level of professionalism, authenticity and benevolence we were being exposed to was something Dr. Rackner's audiences get every time!

Sally Algiere

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