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Dr. Vicki leads the way...Helping empower
lives through better doctor-patient partnerships.
Caregiving without Regrets:
3 Steps to Avoid Burnout and
Manage Disappointment, Guilt and Anger

Caring for an aging parent, a sick partner or child in need can be a defining part of your legacy. Family caregiving is one of the most complex, challenging and stress-filled tasks you will ever undertake. It's also one of the most rewarding.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul
Healthy Living Series / Heart Disease

This book offers heart-warming stories from brave heart patients along with information you can use to enhance your heart health. Whether you're managing high blood pressure, cholesterol or recovering from heart attack or stroke, you'll find inspiration and hope with every beat of your heart.

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New and Improved!
Personal Health Journal

The Personal Health Journal puts you in control. It contains tips and tools as to help you direct your health story. Partner with your doctor more effectively. Understand your health story and maintain copies of your medical records. The Personal Health Journal is a place to store your medical records and much, much more.

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Dr. Vicki Rackner's Teleclass Series is now available on CD!

We also have a variety of CDs available if you prefer. Click for more details.

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Health and You

Make your health care about you, not your doctor.
How will you benefit? Next time at the doctor, see how you think, feel and act. Learn a new way to talk to your doctor and get the care you deserve.

Dear Dr. Rackner...

Thank you for your excellent, thoughtful advice concerning my wife's upcoming appointment with the neurosurgeon and 2nd opinion. Metastatic breast cancer is scary enough, but throwing a brain tumor into the mix reduced me to a near babbling-idiot. Your calm and forthright approach helped me to think it through and enabled us to successfully navigate those choppy seas. You are truly the Suze Orman of medical advice!

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From now on... Get the health care you deserve...Take charge of your health and health care!

I have learned through my ten years as a surgeon and five years as a patient advocate, that 9 out of 10 patients are dissatisfied with their health care. What's worse is most of them aren't doing anything to correct it. I want to change that.

I want to help you get the health care you want, need and deserve.